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What is the IR’s Role in Titles?

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Being an aircraft owner you are aware of the title search and registration need for an airplane. Without having these two completed, you cannot fly your jet in the U.S. But there are some terms and names that can make you confused when you are stepping forward for the international aircraft registry; you must have heard the term IR or International Registry. This is a notice-based registry only. The interest you register in the IR can only be filed electronic. It only says that there is an interest somewhere present in the world, but to find out the interested party, you have to go to the country where it was created. The documents creating the interest should be registered on that respective country’s registry.

international aircraft registry

The International Aircraft Registry was actually created to provide people the knowledge of when there is a notice against assets, but not for ownership assets. To know about it in detail, you can follow our website. Gradually, the course of the IR has been changed and now it allows ownership interests to be registered as well. But that does not mean or guarantee complete ownership.

Not all countries are participants in the Cape Town Treaty, and parties are not required to sign or file interests. An aircraft can fly anywhere in the world, there is no restriction from the countries who are or are not a part of the Cape Town Treaty. This means that you cannot be assured that there was a complete chain of ownership.

The International Aircraft Registry does not release any statements or reports about existing interest on the assets. To know this, you should have to register to the IR and research. However, there is no way to be sure that the information you get is accurate, even the IR cannot give assurance of this.

While the FAA does examine all filed documents, the IR does not. The IR vets their users, and once the user is approved to use their system, they can submit whatever documents they choose. As the interests are registered across the world, some of them are valid and some are not. Individuals should research and learn about the interests further before jumping to conclusions.

It is not possible to complete your title search alone, you should come to us at Aero Title for detailed guidelines. We will help you to make sure the process is done easily with the international aircraft registry.


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