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What Are The Documents Needed For International Aircraft Registry?

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If you have flown into or out of the U.S. with an aviation aircraft, you must know how troublesome the international aircraft registry process is. It may seem troublesome for you, but it is the responsibility of the FAA to control the entire process without any mistakes and they do it very professionally. But, did you know, if you have some paperwork guidance regarding the aircraft formalities for the flight, you can skip these problems easily.

Flying aircrft

Here are some significant tips for you so that you can perform the job without any problems.

The Documents

  • For your aircraft, you must have valid registration certificate documents. The entity will be marked as active if the owner of the aircraft is a corporation or LLC. The registration of the aircraft will be considered invalid if it is not. And without the international aircraft registry certificate, it is a legal offense to fly the aircraft. It can lead to civil penalties and prosecution.
  • In addition to this, if a pilot or flight operator does not own the aircraft, he will need the lease documents, agreement papers and the other papers associated with possession before taking off.
  • If the FAA does not declare or process international operations the airplane will not be allowed to fly internationally. In this case, the FAA will fax a temporary certificate of aircraft registration to allow the flight to fly outside the U.S.
  • The pilot may also need permission from a restricted radiotelephone operator depending on the destination of the airplane. Along with this, the pilot and passengers will need a valid certificate including medical to fly the aircraft internationally. They also require a valid U.S passport and all the valid documents approved by DHS. If the documents do not match the U.S. Customs Border Patrol, the flight will be canceled or delayed. The pilot may also be fined for forged documents if relevant.

The process of submitting documents needs to be smooth. If all the documents are valid, the international aircraft registry process can be done properly. You can leave the responsibility of this task to Aero Title. They will enable to fly your aircraft internationally without any troubles.


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