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Process And Probable Situations Of Airplane Registration Renewal

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Your aircraft will lose its validity and provision to fly in U.S. airspace if you don’t renew the registration within three years. The registration of a U.S. airplane and everything associated with it, is monitored and processed by the FAA. In order to comply with all of the standards required, you have to re-register or renew it.

According to the statistics, one-third of the registered aircrafts have inaccurate records. Most of those are not even thought to be registered either. The registration regulations require valid ownership details and mailing details, among other things. These reports are imperative, as without them, the update or renewal process is not possible. No matter whether it is a renewal of the international aircraft registry or something else, a detail submission is imperative.

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The Process of Renewal

  • Six months before the registration expiry, the FAA sends the owner a letter with instructions of renewal. After three months of the first notice, a second one reaches the mailbox. And the last reminder arrives the day before the registration expiry.
  • A certain code is provided with the first notice that allows online renewal. In exchange of a $5 fee, the renewal can be completed no matter if there is any change in the details or not.
  • Two months before the expiry, the online window expires, and the second notice comes.
  • If even after the third notice, the renewal is not done, and the period of re-registration expires, the owner receives a notice informing them of this along with the N-number. If the N-number is canceled, it will not be available for the next five years.
  • If the delivery address is not available, no mail will be sent again to that address.

The Schedule

  • The owner can renew the airplane in the last year of the registration validity. The renewal window opens from the last year and remains open until the second month before expiry.
  • Once expired, the airplane needs to be re-registered. All the certificates issued will hold no value after their expiration.
  • After the expiration of the renewal time, the owner gets 90 days to re-register the airplane again. After that period, The N-number also gets canceled and remains unavailable for the next five years. The application under 12 CFR § 47.31 is accepted after the use of the standard application registration process is no longer available, but the rest of the process remains unchanged.

Other Changes

  • At the end of the process, the N-number will not be authorized anymore.
  • After six months of the application to change ownership, if the registration is not processed, the N-number will be scheduled for cancelation.
  • Twelve months after the purchase, if the ownership details are not submitted, the cancelation of N-number will be processed.
  • Temporary access will not be valid more than a year after the date of filed registration.

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