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Cryptocurrency – A New Payment Option in Aviation Industry

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Like the other sectors of financial transactions, Cryptocurrency has entered the aviation industry as well. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others are bringing a drastic change in the financial technology which is now applicable for the aviation as well. Many people who are interested in aircraft ownership and the associated activities like airplane registration, aircraft title search and others, are confused about the relevance of Cryptocurrency in aviation transactions. Here is something for them to clear the basic conception.

The technology of blockchain that allows virtual currencies to be developed and run has four main pillars:

  • Distributed ledger.

  • Decentralized database.

  • Immutable records and,

  • Smart contracts.

This blockchain technology as a whole is slowly grabbing the market of aviation industry but there is some limitation of this technology as well.

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Cryptocurrency is basically a digital currency that allows decentralized trading with the encrypted database in the Cloud. This is owned by all the participants. The database is there to record the transactions and it can be accessed by anyone who wants to participate in it. For allowing high-level transparency, this database is not responsible to prevent illicit activities around it. This is the reason why the aviation owner trustees weigh the benefits and the risks and compare those to get an unbiased report.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular payment options available these days. According to the travel agencies, charter companies and the airlines who have used it already, have provided positive feedback on it. A faster processing time, cheaper fees and cordial customer service are among the main reasons for its acceptance. The exchange rate can be limited by adding a buffer while price conversion. This is also potent to reduce the risk by converting the cash value into flat currency. Another option is partnering with the exchanges so the payment is accepted as its exact value in the market at the time of the transaction.

The main concern of the aviation trustees is security and efficiency. The Cryptocurrency here can create problems with the airplane registration and the payment of the fees. In the U.S. the US dollars are used as the transaction currency. In the case of the foreign national, the currency generally gets changed before transacting. In that case, the responsibility for exchange and the risk factors is there.

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