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Aircraft Warranty Facilities – A Must-Have Knowledge for Aircraft Ownership

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People who show their interest in purchasing aircraft and aircraft registration always prefer to purchase it from a factory-new company. The reason is the warranty which includes such components as the engine, airframe, and auxiliary power unit.

The warranty provides an additional advantage: it can be subdivided. It usually has five to six components and despite language variations, the concept is the same. The first warranty covers interior furnishings, gallery equipment, painting, and entertainment systems, and lasts for two years or 2,000 hours of flight.

The longest warranty is for the primary structure. It lasts 20 years or 20,000 flight hours. It includes wings, stabilizers, fuselage, etc. The warranty for all other things is 3,000 to 5,000 flight hours for three to five years.

A typical business airplane flies for about 400 hours a year, though 5,000 flight hours are considered equivalent to five years. Here, you can see that the calendar and the hourly periods do not match. The hours protect the plane from excessive use, which is 1,000 hours a year, 19 hours a week.

The manufacturer includes large flight hour numbers in the warranty to appeal to buyers. In fact, even before the aircraft is finally delivered to the buyer, the tenure of the engine warranty begins. In this case, the warranty will, of course, end much earlier than expected.

This is why the jet should be purchased right after it is manufactured. Otherwise, you must ensure that the warranty period starts from the time it is delivered to you. The aircraft warranty cannot just be extended free of charge after its expiry. You should make sure beforehand.

Getting a warranty extension for a factory-new aircraft is quite rare. If one of the companies agrees to extend the warranty, it is also possible to make some changes to the coverage. You can ask for the extended warranty if there is any damage to the aircraft and you are not quite sure of the repair, or whether the repair is permanent or not.

Although there is always room for negotiation, it is better to read the warranty agreement carefully before you buy an aircraft. Your warranty coverage can also affect your international aircraft registry. Come to us at AeroTitle, your ally for aircraft registration and legal assistance in the aviation sector.


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