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8 Benefits of Hiring a Trust for Airplane Registration

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It has already been discussed before that airplane registration in the U.S. involves a lot of strict procedures set and monitored by the FAA. People should not try the registration process on their own; a trustee is needed for it to go smoothly without any problems. As the trustees are well-acquainted with all the rules and regulations of the FAA, it is safer to complete the process through them.

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Here are some benefits of hiring a trustee to get the process of airplane registration done without any hassle.

  • Foreign nationals who live in the U.S. but do not have citizenship may not be lawfully permitted for airplane registration. Through a trust, they can own an airplane and use U.S. airspace.
  • There are several aircraft owners who have properties in the U.S. and they visit them occasionally or on a regular basis. They are actually not eligible for aircraft registration, but with the help of a trustee, they can make do without having U.S. citizenship.
  • There are many countries that have certain restrictions on aircraft registration and those are quite troublesome for the owners. This is the reason why many foreign nationals want their airplane to be registered under the FAA, which is supportive and have favorable maintenance of the airplane registration process.
  • For aircraft registration, corporations or associations must have 75% of the voting interested controlled by U.S. citizens. But publicly traded companies including many airline companies in the U.S. barely have any control over their ownership structure. As 75% of the voting interest is not possible for them, they can go to trustees for help.
  • There is a solution for foreign businesses that lease planes in the U.S. There are many leased airplanes in the U.S. that are operated in U.S. airspace. A trust helps the owner to meet the requirements of the FAA and operate the airplane smoothly.
  • For owners who purchase an airplane in the U.S. cannot leave the country without maintenance. Here the owner cannot register the plane for the U.S. and also cannot leave it unregistered. A short-term interim trust is there to help them in this case.
  • Repossessed airplanes by foreign lenders can place their aircraft in a trust for the airplane registration under the FAA.
  • Airplanes which are not manufactured under the FAA can be sold in the U.S. There are lots of processes for them to follow, but with the help of trustees, the process can be easy and smooth for owners.

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