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Aviation Title Services


AEROtitle can provide various reports from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records.  The most common will be the title reports.  The public does not realize the priority of these title reports since the FAA will transfer a title to another entity with existing liens or encumbrances remaining on the title.  AEROtitle can provide the proper documentation needed to transfer a title and clear a title by the FAA’s guidelines and regulations.

Many other reports can be provided to customers such as the 337s/Airworthiness, Accident/Incident reports, Chain of Title, and Chain of Liens.

AEROtitle will lead you in the direction of the proper and necessary documents that are acceptable for filing and recording with the FAA.  We can provide the FAA with the documents, draft of documents, and send them for signature as needed.  Once documents are provided to us, we will send confirmation upon receipt.  We will also review and check the documents for accuracy for purposes of the transaction.  AEROtitle will file the documents with the FAA, provide filing confirmations, and track the progress throughout.  Once the final recordation is completed with the FAA, we will provide the final recordation notifications.


Many require quick, accurate information on a priority basis.  We offer research and consultation services.  With direct access to the FAA files and other records, we are able to obtain aircraft records and information quickly.  With the gathered information and reviewing of documents within these records, we  can provide answers to the issues through the research.  In most cases, we are able to provide the necessary documentation and contact the proper parties to close the investigation.


AEROtitle also specializes in imports and exports.  We have many years of experience and knowledge to perfect the importation and exportation with the Federal Aviation Administration.  The FAA has different requirements for each specific import and export of an aircraft and corresponding country involved.  AEROtitle is able to complete these transactions in an easier incorporation process that meets the international standards.


The aircraft cannot fly internationally on a pink copy of the Form 8050-1 Application for Registration.  The aircraft must have  a Certificate of Registration for flying internationally.  If the aircraft is taking an international flight prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Registration, we can request for an expedited registration.  We will need the Declaration of International Operations Form sent to us by email or fax.  We will review it and then have it filed with the FAA immediately.  We will follow through each step at the FAA to have the Flight Wire registration issued within 1 to 3 days.  Once the FAA issues the Flight Wire, we are able to fax and/or email it for the aircraft to fly anywhere over 30 days of issuance.  We will then obtain the Certificate of Registration the next day to replace the  Flight Wire.


AEROtitle can provide a duplicate Certificate of Registration within 2 to 3 days. We understand that this is a priority service since it is an unexpected situation of misplacing the original Certificate of Registration, or even never receiving it directly from the FAA when it was first issued. We are able to provide the request for an expedited duplicate Certificate of Registration directly with the FAA without any further executed documents, like an aircraft title, from the registered owner.


Aircraft can change their registration N# like specialized car tags.  AEROtitle has the access to provide lists of available numbers for reservation and assignment.  We can email or fax these lists of your choice.  We recommend you choose 2 or 3 from the list for us to double check their availability with the FAA.  We will then file the number reservation paperwork with the FAA.  If the aircraft is already owned, we can file assignment of the reserved number with the FAA.  FAA will then issue a Form 8050-64 approving the request of the number change.  When the aircraft has been painted with the new number, the registered owner will need to sign the Form 8050-64 and return it to us for filing with the FAA.  Once the FAA receives signed form, a new Certificate of Registration will then be issued reflecting the new number.  We will keep track of the process and follow through each step to ensure the proper completion in a timely manner and that you will not lose your personalized number.