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As of March 1, 2006, the Capetown International Registry (IR) has been in effect for aircraft, helicopters, and engines for aircraft title reports and filings. The qualifications are

  • An aircraft that is type certificated to transport at least eight (8) persons including crew; or goods in excess of 2,750 kilograms (6,050 pounds).
  • A helicopter that is type certificated to transport at least five (5) persons including crew; or goods in excess of 450 kilograms (990 pounds).
  • A jet propulsion aircraft engine with at least 1,750 pounds of thrust or its equivalent.
  • A turbine-powered or piston-powered aircraft engine with at least 550 rated take-off horsepower or its equivalent

AEROtitle highly recommends participating in the reports and the filings of the IR since it is priority over the Federal Aviation Administration for listing ownership and liens. AEROtitle can provide IR reports same day. For the IR filings to be completed the sellers, buyers, and lenders will need to be approved Transaction Entity Users (TUE) of the IR. This approved TUE status must be completed prior to the filings.

AEROtitle provides this service in order to help complete the application for approved TUE within just a couple of days. Please contact us for this application. AEROtitle will also prepare the 8050-135 Forms and obtain the IR Codes, in order, to complete the IR filings for the transactions. Once the IR Codes are issued, AEROtitle will initiate the IR filings, as the Professional User Entity (PUE). Once the filings are completed, the IR reports reflecting the transaction filings will be provided to you.